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Facebook launches TikTok like app called 'Lasso'

November 11, 2018

Social networking company Facebook has introduced a new app for people who love to make short entertaining videos. The new app is called Lasso and is similar to another short video making Chinese application TikTok. Lasso allows the creation of short funny videos and their sharing with others.

Lasso is available for both the Android and iOS phone users. Lasso offers a variety of features to the users such as following other video creators, using hashtags and creation of short videos using filters and special effects.

As per Facebook, Lasso as an app that "makes it easy for anyone to create and share short videos with fun effects."

People who use the app will be able to upload their Lasso videos to Facebook Stories. Lasso allows you to shoot and record up to 15-second long videos. People will be able to sign in to Lasso using an Instagram or Facebook account.

Apps like TikTok combined with Musical.ly allow the users to make short videos of 15-second to 1 minute duration where they can lip-sync to background sounds and music.

These app have become very popular among people specially the younger generation with millions of users worldwide. Over the past few months, teens have been drawing away from Facebook as TikTok allows them to be more creative and have fun.

Some people have raised concern about popularity of these applications since they lack any filters or features to stop children from accessing adult content.

Through Lasso, Facebook is aiming to woo the young users and compete with apps such as TikTok. However, it is yet to be launched to India and is currently available for American users only. Here is what social media thinks about it. Suprateek Bose‏ @SupraBo_tweeted,

Facebook launches Musically/Tik-Tok clone Lasso. - Short-form videos - Lasso videos can be uploaded to Facebook stories - Not yet launched in India #Facebook #Lasso #SocialMedia

Another user Suzanne Kosmerl ✌🏻‏ @SuzanneKosmerl wrote, "#Lasso is #Facebook's attempt to compete with #TikTok and bring teens back to their platform. But the content is all public, with no way to change that. Not appealing to safety-conscious parents. #parenting #socialmedia"

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