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Engineering student develops app called Myability that speaks out typed text

November 13, 2018

Stuck in campus during the Diwali holidays, Lovely Professional University (LPU) student Mudit Sinha was looking for something to do to pass his time.

While walking around campus, he saw someone with a speech disorder trying to communicate with a group of people. Mudit stepped in to help him and that was the trigger to start working on Myability, an app that aims to help people with hearing and speech disorders communicate with others.

I was also learning to make an app online at the time and after my encounter with that person, I decided to do something that combines both these aspects. This would make life so much easier for people who have speech and hearing disorders. - Mudit Sinha, Engineering student

Mudit, who is from Varanasi is studying computer science at the LPU. The app, which will be launched on Google Play store in a few days, speaks up anything typed on it by the user so the other person to hear it.

Mudit has shared the innovation with some disabled students on campus and is encouraged by the feedback. "I am working on adding more features for people who are deaf and hard of hearing now. I was waiting for feedback and what I have heard so far has been very positive. Right now, the app uses English language and I plan to add more languages at a later stage."

This third-year student has his heart set on developing innovations that are socially minded. Earlier this year, Mudit launched a website called Open My Heart, which aims to prevent suicides. His aspirations, he says, lie in "solving real world problems." Now that's a statement that is great to hear, especially from someone so young.

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