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Unni Maxx talks about his vacation at the paradise of South Africa

Vacations with family are always fun. Now, with holidays round the corner, everyone is looking for a getaway. Recently, Unni Maxx, the paraplegic graphic designer and disability rights activist from Kerala took off for a month long vacation to the beautiful country of South Africa. Unni and his wife Sree Parvathy spend more than two weeks amidst the beauty of nature, wildlife and serene waters in South Africa. Unni, who is a wheelchair user, talks about his vacation. He also shares some tips for NewzHook readers who are looking out to book tickets for a holiday.

The couple ensured that they cover the entire country and its best places. To ensure a hassle free trip, they planned and researched on the internet as well. According to Unni, one of the best features about South Africa is its accessibility.

South Africa is one of the most accessible locations I have been to. This country has captured all the beauty of Europe and Africa together. We all have a certain notion about Africa. South Africa breaks all that for you! What makes them even more unique is that they respect people with all kinds of disabilities. It is very evident because they have strict punishments for those who violate laws. For instance, if someone parks their vehicle at the space for disabled people, they will have to pay a heavy fine. In India, that is not the case! We definitely have a lot of things to learn from them. My cousin Jyothish is the one who took us around. Thanks to him, we had a great vacation!- Unni Maxx

According to Unni, every tourist at South Africa must check out the famous Kruger National Park, Cape Town and Durban. These are a must visits! If your trip is for a week, then plan places accordingly. Unni points out that even washroom at these tourist spots have accessible features!

Since all these tourist destinations are far off from each other, flights are the best options to connect. Unni points out that if you have a disabled family member, then air transport is ideal to get to different parts of the country

"In India, our government has been working on many plans to make tourist places accessible and disabled friendly. But all that is limited to papers and nothing is implemented. That is our sad state of affairs. Recently I had been to Singapore and all the public places were disabled friendly. Why is it difficult for our government to implement things", asks Unni", says Unni


With the company of his wife, Unni had a great vacation at this beautiful country. He recommends South Africa to all wheelchair users and people with disabilities. Apart from the scenic treats, friendly people add to the beauty of South Africa.

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