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Prayatna Counselling & Early Intervention Centre is on the journey of making a positive change

Prayatna Counselling and Early Intervention Program has been working with one belief and that is "Every child is Special" .

Since its inception in the year 2010, Prayatna has been working to ensure that timely help, intervention and support is provided to children with disabilities and their families. Considering the fact that there is a huge gap in India when it comes to the demand and supply of counsellors, therapists and educators, the existence of organization like Prayatna is a ray of hope.

The Ahmedabad based centre brings together Counsellors and various therapies under one roof making them easily available for those in need. Children with disabilities and disorders are provided a wide range of therapies at Prayatna that aid in their development and growth.

The centre has experienced and well trained staff and provides services for various disorders and needs. Children, parents and families need counselling to deal with disorders and that helps them lead better lives.

Some of the services offered at Prayatna are as follows.

  • Occupational therapy,
  • Sensory integration (SI)
  • Handwriting Intervention
  • Speech therapy
  • Therapy for Oro-motor/sensory and feeding issues,
  • Child psychology, Behavioral Therapy
  • Special education
  • Remedial Education
  • Counselling for Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting)
  • Counselling of parents

These therapies are needed for various types of disorders and are needed to make children become independent and learn new skills. Once the children are diagnosed with disorders and disabilities, it is important that they are taught coping skills and guided by experts.

Nikisha Kapasi is M.S.(Counseling and Psychotherapy) and is the Founder of Prayatna-_Early Intervention program. She believes that only education and awareness about disabilities can bring about the much needed change in our society. She has been leading a team of well-trained therapists and educators to ensure that timely intervention is promoted.

Early Intervention can change the lives of special needs children in a very positive way. Timely diagnoses is a must to ensure overall growth and development of children. Delay in treatment can worsen the symptoms and hamper education of the children which in turns makes their adult life even more challenging. - Nikisha Kapasi

Parents also need guidance and support to understand the condition of their children. This helps them be a part of the growing and learning process and understand the changes that are taking place in the children. Awareness about disorders, disabilities and coping strategies can make parents better equipped to handle the challenges of day to day life.

The counselling of parents also helps create a more positive environment for children with disabilities. Once the parents know and understand about their child's condition, the feeling of uncertainty is reduced and they gain wisdom that helps them be better parents.

Anjali Ashok, a parent, used the services of Prayatna Counseling and Early Intervention Programme. Her testimonial for Prayatna says,"Prayatna is very good platform for child's early intervention. I definitely saw the improvement in my kid within one month. If parents are looking for the counselling and therapy for their kids..I highly recommend prayatna. Also I would like to congratulate entire staff of prayatna for doing such a brilliant and commendable work."

Prayatna also organizes regular workshops and sessions to create inclusion through awareness about disabilities.

To know more about Prayatna Counselling and Early Intervention Program, click here .

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