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Check out these reasons why people with autism are awesome

November 22, 2018

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects a person's ability to interact and communicate. But people with autism are extremely smart and intelligent. Did you know that some of world's renowned personalities like Albert Einstein and Michelangelo had autism? For people with autism, repetition is their biggest blessing. They can repeat the same things for a lot of time. They also excel in doing things that they love and are passionate about. They make great companions, friends and partners too.

Grace Santosh is a psychologist from Chennai who has a son with autism.

People with autism are honest and they don't judge people. Basically, they have no hidden agenda. Talking to kids with autism can be difficult. So most of them conveniently avoid talking to the or including them in conversations. But that is a mistake. Show them love and that they are important. Never make a mistake thinking that they do not understand you. But they are unable to express- Grace Santosh

Check out these awesome things about people with autism

  • They don't judge people- This is something which are much needed in our society today. Most of us are busy being judgemental and critic about people around us. But a person with autism is extremely nice to you, no matter where you come from! They just don't care about your financial status or what your negatives are. All that they have to give you is unconditional love! People with autism are not bind by social expectations.
  • They are creative- Yes, you heard that right! People with autism are creative. Since they have the ability to think abstractly, their ways of looking at things will always be different. Also, they think outside the box. So that makes their work even more unique. They have ideas and skills that most of us cannot even think of!
  • They are honest- This is a rare thing to find these days. But if you know someone with autism, you will understand how honest and unique they are. People with autism just cannot lie. So for example, if you ask them about a new dress that you are wearing, you will get an honest opinion whether it suits you not!
  • They are passionate about things that interest them- When a person with autism does something, they put in their heart and soul into it. If you have a conversation with them regarding a topic of their interest, you can make sure that they will not run out of words! They can be awesome at work too because they do the assigned task with a lot of dedication.

Shiny Vinson is the Principal of Navajeevan Special School in Kochi.

"People with autism have some unique skill. We have a student with autism in our school who sings exceptionally well. Basically, people with autism lack social skills but they are very intelligent. They shower you with a lot of unconditional love and compassion, something that is hard to be seen today", says Shiny.

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