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Some ways to manage ADHD without medication

A person with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will have difficulties in attention and also will be hyperactive and impulsive. But they have great social skills and can male good company too. Being a person with ADHD can be a roller coaster ride!

Today, we have skilled and trained professionals who help to manage ADHD. This condition cannot be cured completely but can be controlled in many ways. But it is always best if the person with ADHD is given lesser medications. There are many professionals who do not suggest medications to people with ADHD. The lesser medicine intake, the better!

Physical activities are what work best for children with ADHD. They must engage in lot of work like maybe go for horse riding or swimming. There should not be a dull moment. Music therapy also helps a lot of people with ADHD - Sharda Ram, Founder, Abhyan

Here are some ways to manage ADHD without any medication

  • Exercise- People with ADHD are very hyper and energetic. They always need to engage in some activity. So working out, running or even shaking a leg is ideal. Exercising helps in releasing endorphins, a chemical that makes you feel good. Apart from that, it helps to you stay away from many diseases, controls weights and also helps in enhancing your mood. So if you have ADHD or knows someone with this condition, exercise is ideal to stay fit. Make sure that you go for a 20 minutes' walk everyday!
  • Healthy diet - This goes without a say! We all know that our mind and body works according to our diet intake. So people with ADHD must add a lot of nutrients in the diet, especially because they are always active. Try and avoid junk food because it can trigger aggressiveness and irritation due to its ingredients. Make sure to have lots of fruits and vegetables. It makes your body feel great!
  • Music therapy - We all love music. It has some great curing effects on the mind. Music provides dopamine boost which is helpful for a person with ADHD. So try listening to some good music when you are travelling, back home from school or college or even while working out! Music also helps in reducing stress and anxiety, improves memory, provides comfort and eases pain. Do you need more reasons to listen to some good music every day?
  • Nature- When we are stressed, the best thing to do is go out and breathe some fresh air. Fresh air, greens around you and beautiful sunshine can do wonders to your brain. Over the years, researchers have explained how nature has a therapeutic effect. For a person with ADHD it is even better to spend some time with nature!

"I feel children with ADHD must go for a lot of physical work outs and activities. It helps them in many ways. They must have a structural, predictable and scheduled day so that things are easy. They just cannot function without a schedule", says Sarbani Mallick, Founder, Biswagouri Charitable Trust.

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