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New study reveals children with developmental disorders more likely to become obese

In today's world, we see a lot of obese children who are unhealthy and tired due to their lifestyle and eating patterns. Over the years, experts have pointed out how unhealthy it is to have a lot of junk intake in diet. But most parents avoid this. In turn, their child munches on more junk! A new study has found out that children with developmental disorders are more likely to become obese when compared to other children who do not have any disabilities. The study that was conducted by a group of American researchers throws light on the importance of being weary about one's food intake.

According to the study, children with developmental disorders like autism or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has a 50% more chance of becoming obese. Most of them become obese by the age of five years! Researchers have not yet found out the real reasons to why obesity and developmental disorders are linked.

There are two types of parents. One group that is extremely cautious about the food intake of their child and the other group that is least bothered! The latter group is more common in big cities where junk food is easily available. Since it contains trans fat and cholesterol, it is always best to avoid foods that make you obese, especially for children with developmental disorders like autism- Dr Albin Baby, Cardiologist from Kochi

You can try a few techniques at home to control your child's eating habits. For instance, reward them when they stick on to a diet, keeping food out of your child's reach or even engage them in other activities.

Helping a child with a disorder to handle weight issues can be difficult. Some of them eat a lot, and parents are often worried on how to control even those eating habits. Children must be introduced tohunger awareness and its after effects lest they don't ruin their health. Most of the hospitals in our cities have trained dieticians and doctors who can help with this. Ensure that you take some guidance on how to control weight. If left unchecked, your child can face numerous other health disorders in years to come. So the faster you seek help, the better.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. Parents need to be wary about what their child's food habits are. With proper guidance and expert help, obesity in a child can be curbed. That means a better, healthier and longer life for your child!

Suba Rajesh's son Ritwik has autism. Suba says she ensures that her son follows a strict diet and engages in physical activities so that he does not fall prey to obesity and other diseases.

"Obesity is a major cause of concern today. My son does cycling every day and I give my kids only home cooked food. Since I'am also into sports, I know the relevance of being physically active. Diet plays a major role in lives of children with and without disabilities. So I would suggest all parents to make the children stick on to home cooked food and do a lot of physical activity", says Suba.

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