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International experts gather at sign language interpreters conference at Indore

November 24, 2018

The Indian Sign Language Interpreters Association (ISLIA) is celebrating its tenth anniversary and to mark the occasion a three-day international conference is being held at Indore.

Formed in 2008, ISLIA hold various workshops, training events, national and international conferences. With a team of over 100 trained interpreters, ISLIA is committed to bringing India's deaf community into the mainstream.

The conference in Indore is a big step in this direction as it involves delegates from all over the world. Leaders from top sign language organizations at national and international levels will be making their presence felt.

This includes Colin Allen, President, World Federation of the Deaf (WDF), and Liz Scott Gibson, Honorary President, World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI). The presence of these leaders is a matter of honor and will give a boost to the morale of sign language interpreters in India.

The conference aims to bring the various organizations and associations of sign language interpreters on a common platform with the mission to empower sign language.

The conference will see participation from countries like China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, United States, Nepal and France. It aims to recognise the valuable contribution made by the sign language interpreters towards breaking communication barriers and building an inclusive world.

It's about the Right to Accessibility, and Indian Sign Language and interpreters play a vital role. ISLIA is also working with the government of India in these initiatives and many important issues will be addressed. - Monica Punjabi, Director, Indore Deaf Bilingual Academy

The delegates will shed light on the challenges faced by interpreters and how they can be overcome. More than 200 people including hearing interpreters and deaf leaders will come together and take part in presentations and discussions for the growth and development of sign language.The conference will also discuss key topics relating to interpreter's codes, ethics and basic principles for interpretation.

Sign language and interpreters are vital for making the world accessible for people with hearing impairments as they act as they interpret communication between those who can speak and those who can not hear. It is gradually getting much needed recognition and support in India, with the government taking steps to promote the use of sign language.

"The conference is very important as it brings together deaf leaders and sign language interpreters. The interpreters enable accessibility and it is vital that they receive the support from deaf people. Events like this also help promote the use of sign language and inclusion." Pradeep More, Senior deaf leader from Maharashtra

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