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Some things only a deaf person will understand

In India, we have millions of people who are hearing impaired and deaf. Just like every disabled person, deaf people undergo their share of hardships trying to communicate with society where most people do not have any awareness on disabilities.

Hearing impairment can be mild, moderate, severe or profound. But are we really aware of how each one is different? Deaf and hearing impaired people face issues on a daily basis. Right from trying to communicate or putting across a point, the hassles that they face are many.

Atharv Beloskar is a deaf student from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai.

When I have conversations with my friends, I miss certain words that they say. Even though they repeat it, chances of me understanding or hearing that are low. In fact, it becomes awkward to ask them to keep repeating the same thing. So to break that awkwardness I reply with yes or no which can be even more awkward. It only makes me look like a fool- Atharv Beloskar.

Check out these things only someone who is deaf will understand

  • Being called out your name- This is one of the most common things that a deaf person experiences! It can be irritating and humiliating. This can happen at schools, colleges or work places. Chances are high that people around you know that you are deaf. But at times, even they tend to forget this just and calls out your name loud! When you go for a doctor's visit, the attendant might call out your name loud unaware of your disability. Later on, when you don't respond, you might be stared at or sometimes even abused for not responding! There is a solution for everything, right? So when you sign up for the doctor, clearly mention that you are a deaf person and needs to be called in person. Does that help?
  • People sending voice messages- We all know that technology is a boon to us. But a person with disability does not have access to everything like how a person without a disability does. Sending voice messages on social platforms like WhatsApp and Hike can be easier because a person without disability does not have to type it out. But it is high time that we become sensitive when communicating with a disabled person. A lot of deaf people face this problem. A person without disability just looks awkward when they do this!
  • Not getting a job because you can't hear- For a deaf person, a disability definitely does not determine who they are as an individual. Deaf people are talented, skilled and intelligent just like a person without a disability. But often, they face discrimination while trying to get a job. India has to go a long way when it comes to having inclusive work spaces. But many companies are hesitant to hire a disabled person. Did you know that you can actually sue a company if they discriminate you based on your disability?
  • A deaf person cannot attend the phone- That goes without a say. But there still many people who think that a deaf person can pick up the phone and speak to them! People ignore the reality of the condition of a deaf person. Deaf people are very active on social mediums like WhatsApp. It is high time that people without disabilities are sensitized about all this.

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