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Why is occupational therapy important? Some information

Occupational therapy is used as part of the rehabilitation process. This therapy helps people learn everyday life related skills, activities and aids in mental and physical development.

Patients may lose their ability to carry out everyday tasks and that can have mental and em.otional effect on their wellbeing. The dependence on others and drastic lifestyle changes can lead to depression and delay recovery.

For patients who have suffered trauma due to injury, accidents, illness, disability, occupational therapy is crucial. Patients can be taught skills needed for daily life and work and that aids in faster recovery and improvement in symptoms.

What is occupational therapy?

The therapy involves the assessment of functional independence of the patient and then teaching them the necessary skills to overcome barriers.

Occupational therapists

These are trained professionals and experts who help people with disabilities become as independent as they can through therapy, training and activities. They make sure that patients learn to take care of themselves and lead a better life despite the traumas or disabilities that they are facing.

The feeling of being independent is important for the patients as it brings hope and positivity in their lives.

Dr Dhara Desai has been a part of the expert team at Prayatna Early Intervention Program. She has a registered Occupational Therapist with the All India Occupational Therapist's Association (AIOTA) and has been working with children.

Occupational therapy helps promote functional independence and engagement in areas of daily living, leisure, self-care and occupation. In toddlers it's more of social engagement and play while for young kids, we work on posture, balance coordination, academic concerns, and inclusion in mainstream schools. Occupational therapy helps adults in achieving independence in all of their activities of self-care, pre vocation, vocation and leisure. Dr Dhara Desai, Occupational Therapist at Prayatna Early Intervention Program

Occupational therapy can be used for patients of all ages with various types of disabilities. It can work wonders for children who have impairments such as visual, physical, hearing, cognitive and more. Children with impairments are not able to perform tasks that other children of the same age can do.

This has a huge effect on their academic life, social life and lower their self-esteem.

Through Occupational therapy, children can learn to cope with the impairments and deals with everyday tasks. This not only makes them independent and capable to lead a better life, it also increases their sense of self-worth.

Some of the impairments in children that can be tackled through Occupational therapy are
- Attention issues - Learning difficulties - Autism spectrum disorders - Developmental delays - Cerebral palsy - Downs syndrome and other genetic conditions - Handwriting concerns - Sensory issues - Visual perception - Social skills - Behavioural issues - Intellectual disabilities

Through therapy, children can learn to deal with these issues and perform well in academic, social and day to day life.

There are several other aspects related to mental and physical health of children and adults with disabilities. These can be sleeping disorders, anxiety issues, eating disorders, depression and more.

Occupational therapy is very effective and children show improvement with regular sessions. Mrs Jojo Get is a parent whose child underwent Occupational therapy with Dr Desai and showed very positive results.

This is her testimonial about the sessions," It's been a great experience with Dr. Dhara who paved the way for my son."

There are many such parents who have seen drastic improvements in the children after Occupational therapy.

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