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Malayalam actor Mohanlal faces criticism for calling #MeToo movement a trend

November 26, 2018

Malayalam superstar Mohanlal is in the spotlight for some negative reasons. Recently, at a press conference, the actor said that the #MeToo movement has become a fashion amongst people and that it is going to last only for a few days. This has sparked outrage amongst many actors in the Malayalam cinema and even amongst his fans!

At the press conference, the actor said that he does not want to discuss about the #MeToo movement because it is going to die down soon and it is just a trend.

South Indian actress and director Revathy slammed Mohanlal for his comment. Revathy is also the member of Women in Cinema Collective (WCC).

#MeToo movement a 'FAD' says a Renowned ACTOR. How do we bring some degree of sensitivity in such people? Like Anjali Menon says, the people who have just arrived from MARS have no clue what it means to get abused, what it takes to call out and how this can bring about change!!!- Revathy, Actor.

In spite of being a very popular actor in Indian cinema, Mohanlal's fans were disappointed at the comment made by the renowned actor.

"The fact that you referred to "Me Too" as a fad, speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. It's disheartening that you are considered as a role model. Thankfully the youth of today have more sense!", tweeted Amritha Thomas.

Recently, many known actors and ministers have come to the spotlight for sexually harassing women. The women, most of whom who picked up courage to speak about the abuse, were lauded for their strength and courage for finally speaking up!

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