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Making positive changes in lives of disabled people

December 24, 2018

We all know that people with disabilities face social stigma, harassment and abuse in their homes and society. Even though things have changed a lot, we still have a long way to go. Creating an inclusive society is need of the hour. So inclusion has to begin from each one of us.

Disabled people make great soul partners, companions and friends. But due to the social stigma attached to disabilities, people are often hesitant to even come out and explore. This affects the mental well-being of a person. Gone are days when disabled people were confined to the four walls of their room. There is a big wide world where you can go and experience new things!

Neeraj George is a para badminton player from Kerala who has won many accolades and laurels at national and international matches.

One of the best ways to stay positive is by participating in activities. I'am an ardent nature lover. So I go for a lot of treks. Badminton has helped me a lot! So whether you are a person with or without disabilities, you have to set goals and move forward in life. Disabled people have a lot of hidden talents that they must identify. Sports are a good way to make yourself feel better. So find out what kind of activities suit your age and go for it- Neeraj George.

Here are some tips to make a positive change in lives of disabled people

  • Participate in activities- Many people without disabilities think that a disabled person is unable to come outdoors and explore the world due to their disability. But we all know that is not the case! Most of the disabled people are hesitant to come out due to inaccessible places. But when you go out and meet new people, there is a lot of positivity and new things to learn. So whether you are a wheelchair user or a blind person, take the effort to go out and explore things. It is high time that even people without disabilities realise that a disabled person can do anything and everything with the right guidance!
  • Stay healthy- This goes without a say! Most of us are addicted to junk and unhealthy foods that are readily available in the market. We order them online and just don't cook. Do you realise the harmful effects of such foods in the long run? It can affect your physical and mental well-being in numerous ways. Try and stay healthy by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to drink lots of water too!
  • Do not get affected by negativity around you- People might criticize and hurt you. But you know your strengths and weaknesses. You are your biggest supporter and only you can help yourselves! So stay motivated, no matter what people around you say. Suck in all the positivity that the world has to offer and learn from negatives. Nobody is perfect. We are all learning during the process of life.
  • Stay creative- Are you interested in any arts or crafts? Then explore them better. Being creative makes you positive and healthy. Do you love painting or making crafts? Buy things for it today and start working on it. Online research mediums are available in plenty. You can check them for more details.

Shivaprasad is a wheelchair cricketer who is also the Vice-Captain of the Indian wheelchair cricket team.

"It is always best to engage in some activities. Try find a job that makes you occupied all the time. It makes you feel great", says Shivaprasad.

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