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Learn to plan your finances better at this session for visually impaired people

November 29, 2018

The Blind Graduates Forum of India (BGFI) has been organizing events and workshops that cover basic and crucial aspects of life.

Be it dining etiquette, internships for young graduates or accessible tours and trips, the workshops are planned with great thought and care, keeping in mind the needs of people with visual impairments.

The BGFI does this with the aim of creating awareness and empowering the community. The next such session is on another critical topic many of us don't think about enough and that is finances and investments.

We all see and hear about various investment options available but do we understand how they work? The lack of clarity often leads to making risky or careless decisions.

Ajay Minocha, a private sector employee, feels such awareness if important for everyone.

Money can only grow when invested and simple savings is not sufficient. Investment options should be accessible for people with visual impairments. It should also involve the least amount of paperwork and be hassle-free so that people with disabilities can access them from anywhere. -Ajay Minocha, BGFI Member

The upcoming meet up on 8 December will explore the topic of investments and financial planning and there will be industry experts present to clarify all doubts. The meet up is in Mumbai at the basement hall of the Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, located in Nariman Point.

The session will be taken by officials from the securities market regulator, SEBI, who will enlighten participants on finance-related topics. Some key areas will be addressed like :

- Basics of financial planning

- Basic information about investment products such as shares, mutual funds, etc.

- What is SEBI and its functions as a regulator.

- Basic information about securities market investment.

- Grievance redressal mechanism set up by SEBI to resolve complaints of investors.

SEBI officials will also address issues relating to accessibility in investment products to make them user-friendly for people with disabilities.

Participants can get to know how to make financial investments without taking unnecessary risks. Also learn about the dos and don'ts about investments.

"Financial planning is important for everyone. Instead of only relying on conservative methods like, fixed deposits, gold and property investments, we should also be aware of other investment options. Sessions like the one that BGFI is hosting with SEBI are important as most people are not aware of investment related products and processes", says Santosh Salian, who is a Central Government employee.

Another important topic that will be discussed is the use of the Mutual Funds(MF) Utility mobile and web application. The app is free for use and is completely accessible. It is specially designed for direct transactions of mutual funds. The app is available on the phone and computer and make it easier for people to invest without having to go pay a commission fee to agents.

So, if you want to plan your finances better, come prepared with questions because you have the best heads in the business to clear them.

To know more about the event details Click Here

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