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Some tips to make job interviews easier for disabled people

November 28, 2018

We all know that finding a job is not a cakewalk. For a disabled person, it can be challenging in numerous ways. From the other side, the interviewer might think that a person with a disability has their limitations in doing things. For example, many people think that a wheelchair user will be unable to travel around. In fact, there are many wheelchair users who don't mind travelling! So make sure you do not give room for assumptions. Put across the point that a disabled person is capable and smart!

v-shesh is an award winning organization that prepares job seekers with opportunities and organizations with disability inclusion.

The most important thing is that the person must prepare well for the interview. Know what your role is going to be about because preparing is the key! Do not expect your interviewer to know everything about you. For example, if you are a person with low vision, but can use computers, tell your interviewer about your skill. You have to be confident because that shows your ability. Clearly articulate what you can and cannot do. You must give your responses pro-actively- Raja Rajashekharan P, Co-founder, v-shesh.

Are you planning to attend a job interview any time recently? We have a few tips for you

  • Be confident- This is applicable when a person with our without disabilities attend job interviews. Do not be stressed out or exhausted because if this does not work there are more in line. Give in your best when you attend an interview and do not panic. Did you know that the adrenaline in your system actually helps you to remember things and stay confident? Also make sure that you do not overdo the questions asked. Keep your calm and explore on the questions being asked to you.
  • Educate yourself- So whether you are going for the interview for an executive job, an engineer, graphic designer or writer, it is extremely important that you have a thorough knowledge on the subject. You know that having a disability has not stopped you from learning new things. So here is the right chance to showcase your skills! Let your interviewer know that you have an abundant knowledge on what you are going to work on.
  • Do not discuss about your disability unless asked- In fact, talk about your disability only when you are asked about it. For instance, if you are a wheelchair user and your interviewer asks you whether you would like to work from home or at office, then reply to them. Talk about what you can do and not about what you cannot! Keep the focus on how good a candidate you are.
  • Ask good questions- We all know that asking questions is the key to learning. So when you attend an interview, ask questions about your job and how well you can improve the position. Include questions on the organization as well. It shows how well you have researched about the place. Good questions always impress your interviewers!

"For an interview, talk about all the things that you can do! You know that you are capable of doing a lot of things. So never under estimate yourself. You must also enhance your communication skills which are very important", says Anuradha Krishnamoorthy, Founder, Krea eKnowledge Pvt Ltd. and Can DO, a CSR initiative.

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