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Donate ₹5 if you wish to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi

November 30, 2018

Do you wish to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi! Well here is a chance for you to make your wish come true and it will only cost you 5 rupees.

A referral code generated on the Narendra Modi application, The NaMO app can result in a face to face meeting with the Indian Prime Minister.

As per a new feature added on the app, a person making a donation towards Bharatiya Janata Party- BJP, will get a referral code.

The donor then needs to send out the code to his or her contacts via email, SMS or WhatsApp. If the code is then used by at least 100 recipients to make further donations on the NaMo app, the person could get a chance to meet the prime minister.

The first donor who circulated the referral code is being referred to as an 'active influencer or motivator' under the scheme.

If the referral code is used by at least 10 people to donate, then the influencer will get free NaMO merchandise, such as t-shirts or coffee mugs, available on the app.

As per reports, the feature has been introduced to increase the interactions between people and PM Modi.

The micro donation feature on the NaMO app can be used to give a minimum donation of 5 rupees and a maximum donation of 1,000 rupees.

The scheme has received mixed to negative response on the social media as it is being seen as a money collecting gig started by BJP.

Tejas K‏@tejjINC tweeted," Replying to @AmanKayamHai_ET @narendramodi @EconomicTimes To meet an elected representative of India we have to pay the party? What kind of mass leader is he?"

Muhammad Bilal Bhat‏ @mBilalBhat wrote, "Replying to @AmanKayamHai_ET @narendramodi @EconomicTimes Is this donation going to be used for his international tours?"

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