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Household noises can be noisy, protect your hearing in these ways

December 19, 2018

We are constantly surrounded by loud noises. From car horns, factory and industrial sounds and even noises at work, there seems to be no getting away from it! According to experts, noises at home can even become a threat to your hearing.

Sadly, a lot of youngsters are victims of hearing loss due to excessive noises around them. Noise pollution is a matter of serious concern. So taking care of your hearing begins from home. It is never too late to protect your ears as the National Institute of Safe Sound (NISS) highlights in its recent awareness campaign.

The National Institute of Safe Sound (NISS) has started an awareness programme about such hearing hazards that surrounds a person. Most household appliances like washing machine do not emit a lot of sound. But high volume from TV and music systems must be controlled and this is very essential to protect your ears while at home. - Dr Sabari Nath, ENT specialist

Here are some tips to protect yourself from hearing hazards at home

  • Minimal volume for TV and radio - Television and radio has become an integral part of every home. Experts have pointed out that excessive TV viewing, especially in the case of kids, can cause damage to eyes. But did you know that the sounds from TV can affect your hearing too? Same with the case of radio as well! So when you are watching TV or hearing the radio, turn down the volume as much as possible. Youngsters tend to watch TV and hear music in loud volumes. It can cause serious damage to your ears in the long run.
  • Use earplugs - In every household, electronic appliance are an essential part. This comprises of vacuum cleaners, fridge, TV and so on. Always try and buy appliance that have lower decibel levels. Experts also point using earplugs when handling appliance is extremely important. It protects your ears from unwanted sounds, at least to a large extent. If you are engaging in some backyard work like woodworks, then using a good quality earplugs are a must.
  • Go for regular check-ups - This is essential. We live in a world where we are prone to numerous health hazards. Most of the times, we even ignore symptoms of health issues. Human ears are very sensitive. Hence, it needs a lot of care. In order to protect your ears from any hazards, make sure that you make occasional visits to a doctor. This must be done at least every six months.
  • Take time to enjoy silence - Silence can be golden. Literally! Most of the times, our house is constantly under a lot of noise. From electronic appliance to noisy traffic, ring of the telephones and so on, the list just gets bigger. We do not realise that all this has an adverse effect on our hearing in the long run. So try and turn down all your appliances for a day. This can be done on a weekend too. If you have children at home, let them also enjoy the beauty of silence. This gives a break to your ears from excessive noise pollution.

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