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Vijay Mallya offers to pay 100% loans back to the banks

December 6, 2018

Former business tycoon Vijay Mallya fled to the United Kingdom after failing to repay loans to Indian banks. Mallya has now said that he is ready to pay back 100% of all the bank loans, and has asked them to accept the offer. Mallya has been living in the United Kingdom for the past two years. The Indian government has failed to bring him back because he is a UK citizen.

I see the quick media narrative about my extradition decision. That is separate and will take its own legal course. The most important point is public money and I am offering to pay 100% back. I humbly request the Banks and Government to take it. If payback refused, WHY ?- Vijay Mallya

Mallya's latest statement came five days before a United Kingdom's court verdict on whether Mallya must be extradited or not. He criticised Indian politicians and media for twisting facts about his stay in the United Kingdom and even claimed that he has been offering to pay back the loans since the year 2016. Being someone who is constantly criticised, social media users did not miss an opportunity to pick on him.

Did you make '100% settlement offer' since 2016?? Can't find any tweet of urs as you did today?? And if you were willing to payback 100% then why did you run away?? Why lie, just admit that you can't see any escape route now. - Sushant Sinha.

Mallya, founder of Kingfisher Airlines claimed that he took the loans to save his airline which was on the verge of collapse. Mallya is a former member of the Indian Parliament and chairman of the UB Group as well.

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