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VaccesS 2018 an exhibition about innovative & latest assistive devices

Vidya Sagar is a centre for special education based in Chennai. The school offers support to children with disabilities and their parents through various therapies and techniques that make day to day life easier.

Vidya Sagar believes that the use of technology can make a positive impact on children with disabilities. Specially created devices and gadgets can help train children with disabilities. The children can be taught strategies to cope with disabilities with the use of technology.

With this thought in mind, Vidya Sagar brings the VaccesS 2018. A two-day exhibition that will put on display the various devices and gadgets for people with different types of disabilities.

Equipment and accessible devices will be on display at the Vidya Sagar venue on 8 and 9 December. Parents, special educators, designers, and others can look at the various tools and assistive devices that can be used for making everyday life less challenging for people and children with disabilities.

The aim of the VaccesS 2018 event is to create awareness about the various options available for the use and comfort of people with disabilities. Mobility devices, accessible chairs, spoons, plates, toys, gadgets, the list goes on and on.

Many disabled people in India can get the benefit of these assistive tools. However, lack of initiative and information has kept them out of the Indian market. Vidya Sagar team hopes that by looking at the latest and innovative designs, even designers in India can come up with such ideas.

Parents of children with disabilities can also get to know about the options available for the development of their children at the exhibition.

The aim of these assistive devices and tools is to help make the people with disabilities as independent as possible. With a little assistance, disabled people can learn to do most of their daily tasks themselves and that is a major boost to their morales.

According to Kalpana Rao, Principal, Vidya Sagar School, the aim of VaccesS 2018 is to promote accessibility and inclusion.

We wish to open up the minds of people towards accessibility by telling them of the innovations being done in the field. Parents can take ideas and get their own assistive devices or tools designed at a low cost and help their children with disabilities. Ideas need inspirations and that is what we are aiming to do with VaccesS this year. - Kalpana Rao, Principal, Vidya Sagar School

The exhibition can change the outlook of people about assistive devices. Designers, architects and people in general can help create a more inclusive and accessible society by paying attention to some very basic details. Accessible offices, parks, shopping malls, schools, buildings, washrooms and toilets, these are some basic changes that we need to make around us so that people with disabilities can also move around and become part of the mainstream.

"We wish to make an impact on the life of people with disabilities by helping them know about the assistive tools available. We also hope to change the attitude of the society towards disabled people. People with disabilities want to be independent, all they need is for the society to create inclusion and accessibility around them", says Radha Ramesh, Director, Vidya Sagar School.

So, if you are Chennai next week, do take out some time and visit the exhibition to know more about assistive devices.

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