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A writing contest with disability as the theme. Know more

December 7, 2018

Most of us like to read or hear stories and some of us are creative enough to write them too. If you think you have that creative side in you, then here is an opportunity to inspire you.

The Kahani Project has come up with a story writing contest called A Different Script. The story needs to be of 1500 words and the theme can be anything you like, provided there is one central character who is a disabled person.

The entries that are most liked by the project editors will feature on the Kahani Project website, the podcast, and will also be aired on community radio programs.

Now this does sound interesting. And what's more, the people with the best entries will be given Amazon gift vouchers.

The story can be written in any language, but remember it has to be about a person with a disability. The last date for submission is 9 December.

The Kahani Project was launched to encourage the art of story writing and story telling. Listening to stories is something all children love and stories have the power to make or break characters. Inspiring stories can motivate us, while stories with sad endings introduce us to the darker side of life.

The stories of the Kahani Project are converted to audio stories. Children or adults can listen to the stories in the audio format.

The idea to encourage stories about people with disabilities came from Ekansh Trust, an organization based in Pune. The organization has been working tirelessly to promote Inclusion for disabled people.

There is a lack of stories and literature in India that feature disabled characters. To create inclusion, awareness and acceptance of the life and challenges faced by disabled people, this gap needs to be fulfilled and The Kahani Project aims to do just that. - Anita Narayan Iyer, Founder- Managing Trustee, EKansh Trust

There are so many stories around us that are just waiting to be told. Writing a story gives us the opportunity to take inspiration from the world around us and transform it with our own feelings and emotions.

"Imagine a story that has a Harry Potter in the wheelchair or an Aladdin who is visually impaired. Stories like these can go a long way in creating awareness about the disabled community. We hope to reach out to the disabled children in India as there is not much written for them. "Ajay Dasgupta, Co-founder, Storyteller, The Kahani Project

So, what is your story going to be about? Put on your thinking hats and send it in to editor@thekahaniproject.com or info@ekansh.org.

Want to feature your inspiring story or share an event with the disabled community? Write to:

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