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Visual impairment is no barrier to a successful career. Here are some tips

Many companies, government and private, are walking the inclusion talk. Employers are increasingly opening up to the idea of employing people with disabilities, including people who are blind and low vision.

Preetham Sunkavalli, who is blind, works as Area Sales Manager for Mahindra. An Indian Institute of Management graduate, Sunkavalli has been doing extremely well at work.

There are lot of opportunities for blind people. But most of the times, they are unaware or ignorant about them. We can all talk about inclusion at workplace, but when you are hired you have to put your best foot forward. So being hired and being taken seriously at work place are two different things. My company has made a lot of changes including giving me special laptops to make work easier- Preetham Sunkavalli, Area Sales Manager, Mahindra

Here are some tips to for a visually impaired person to do well at the workplace.

  • It's never too late to learn - When you keep learning, you grow as a person. It is extremely important to pursue new courses even if you are placed at a job. You can always go for part time courses and distance education. Further education is never out of your reach. A blind person can do all kinds of jobs, irrespective of a disability.
  • Focus on your work - We are all talented and skilled in some way or the other. Focus on your strengths and work on improving your weaknesses. There might be numerous reasons to why you might feel like pulling yourself back. But never let that put you down. Know what you can bring to your work place and focus on that. When a company hires you, they do so because they have noticed your strengths.
  • Confidence is key - Keep aside everything else that makes you feel low. For any person, confidence is the most important thing that helps them to improve at work. When you know that you are good at a particular thing, focus on that. You might have your weaknesses too. Who doesn't? But never let that be a setback.
  • Work experience matters - So if you really plan to climb the career ladder, know that your work experience plays a very important role. You must work with a company and ensure that you put in your best foot for the job. A company hires you because they are confident about what you can offer. So make maximum use of it and keep improving on your skills.

Anuradha Krishnamoorthy, is the founder of Krea eKnowledge Pvt Ltd. and Can DO, a CSR initiative that provides training and employment for people with disabilities.

"I have noticed that visually impaired people do really well for voice processing jobs. So even if you are not too well qualified, you can still apply for this job. The key to success is always confidence and communication. Technology is a bridge that can play an important role in your lives. So make maximum use of it", says Krishnamoorthy.

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