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What makes them Disability Heroes - World Disability Day Special

December 8, 2018

The world marked World Disability Day on 3 December and so did we here on Newz Hook, through the series Disability Heroes, where we brought to our readers a glimpse into the lives of people with disabilities, who are out there sharing their stories with the aim of speaking up for the community at large.

These are the new age warriors, who believe that a disability does not make anyone else equal or less entitled to the same rights as everyone else.

We started off the series with Javed Choudhari , in Mumbai, who has acquired a deadly reputation in the field of wheelchair basketball, first as captain of the Delhi team, leading it to two successive wins in the national championships and now as a member of the national side. To the world at large, his dancing skills are what shot him to instant fame.

Come what may, I will not be silenced. That is the motto Virali Modi , who divides her time between the United States and Mumbai lives by. Most recently in the news for highlighting the harassment that wheelchair flyers continue to face, this feisty young woman has a strong point of view about accessibility and looks for ways to highlight it.

Sudeep Shukla has raised the bar for India's disabled community by becoming the first deaf Indian to stand for the Assembly elections. Not only can politics be inclusive it can also be clean believes this young man who gave up a well-paying corporate job to fight the elections in Satna, Madhya Pradesh by using his personal savings and donations. What's more, he had the youth flocking to his rallies.

Words are inadequate to describe Neha Agarwal from Hyderabad, whose character is truly forged with iron. To lose your vision at 19, plunge into depression for eight years and then fight back to become a spokesperson for blind and low vision people is truly epic. This young woman is opening corporate India's eyes to the ability in disability.

And finally, Prajith Jaipal of Kerala, who truly aims big. Driving across India in a modified car is awesome enough, but this young man drove right up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's door! Impressed by his commitment, the PM has entrusted him with the task of setting up an ability expo where the latest assistive technologies in the U.S can be showcased in India.

Truly people who inspire. Like them there are hundreds more who are showing the world that the only disability is a bad attitude.

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