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Some tips for dating when you have a disability

December 8, 2018

Everyone loves to be cared for. We all feel great with a companion. The joy of meeting a person with whom you feel like spending rest of your life with knows no boundaries. So if you are a person with a disability, nothing is different. From the beginning, you have to make things clear with your partner. You must open up about what you expect and how you would love to go ahead with a relationship. There should be no room for confusion. The more you clear out things, the better.

Kritica Purohit is a blind person and a finalist at a beauty pageant. Being in a relationship, this youngster has a few advice for other disabled people.

There are certain things that a blind person will not be able to do like a person without a disability. For instance, we cannot comment to our partner saying you look great or your dress suits you. But there are deeper aspects to it. I feel you should always be open about your disability. A disabled person can be loyal and honest. I believe that is what matters in the long run. Humans have physical and emotional needs. So nothing must stop you from sticking on to true love- Kritica Purohit.

Are you a disabled person who is looking out to date or just started dating? We have some tips for you

  • Disclose about your disability- Today, a lot of people meet their partners through dating apps. Some of them add details about their disability in the profiles whereas some others don't. It is always best to be open about your disability when you start talking to the person. If it is someone who does not appreciate it, you don't have to bother building a bond with the person. A person who likes you for who you are is going to stick on to you even if you have a disability.
  • Be cautious and courageous- Youngsters of today loves people who are smart and cautious. Do something to impress your date. Maybe, give them a surprise visit to their house when they feel low. All these slight things make a huge difference to them. Your disability does not determine what you can or cannot do. So do all that you can to make them feel good. At the same time, be cautious about where you must draw the lines as well. When you are going out with a person, there are a lot of things to explore and know about each other. Give it its own time. Do not become hasty about anything.
  • Talk about how your disability affects you- This is very important. The person whom you date must know all about your disability. So if you are an amputee, you can talk about how you can use some help to climb the stairs when you are going out for a date. In fact, you can even talk about it in a funny way. That way, your partner will also know what to expect from you.
  • Do not rely on your partner for daily care- When both of you start talking and discussing things, you definitely build a great rapport with each other. They might even start lending you a helping hand in your daily activities. But make sure that you do not rely on them on a daily basis. This can be a tiring process to your partner as well.

"For me, the most important thing is my partner must be friendly. They should understand and must know my feelings well. Being a positive person also matters a lot. Nobody likes negativity, anyways. It will be fun if we can sit together and crack jokes and talk about things", says Pulkit Sharma, a wheelchair user from Delhi.

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