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Praangan is meeting educational needs of children with disorders

December 14, 2018

Praangan is a ray of light in the lives of children with disabilities and their families. It is a centre based in Vadodara , Gujarat and is dedicated to the educational needs and support of children with disabilities and their families.

Praangan was started in the year 2012 as a small non-profit center by Radha Tandon, who is a trained and well experienced special educator with years of practice and qualifications.

Tandon has gained extensive knowledge about special education needs not only from within India abut also from abroad. Her aim has been to help the disabled children learn and grow through guidance, support and education.

In 2013 the small initiative became Praangan Education Trust, a not-for-profit school.

Tandon was always interested in working in the field of education of children with disabilities.Children with intellectual, learning disabilities need to be taught through special educational techniques and programs. These are also called special education programs and are at times designed according to individual needs of disabled kids.

There are a wide range of disorders and disabilities that affect the mental and physical development of affected children. Children with learning disorders are slow in learning when compared to other children of the same age. The centre caters to children with ADHD, autism, learning disorders and more.

We need to understand the contrasting learning needs of all students. .....One size doesn't fit all. Radha Tandon, Founder Director, Praangan Education Trust

Various types of teaching aids and technologies employed to make the children feel confident and learn. Children with disability need to be taught and trained with a lot of patience, care and affection.

Praangan is doing all that and has successfully helped changed the lives of its students. The centre has a team of experts from various areas that provide a complete educational support to the children and counselling to the parents and families. The centre has an in house Pediatrician, a Psychologist, a Psychiatrist, a Speech therapist, an Occupational therapist and also a Homeopath.

Counselling ensures that there is a better understanding in parents about the conditions and needs of their children. This further helps provide a more suitable environment to the disabled children at home as they are not misunderstood and are treated accordingly.

The school is currently using a specialized Teaching programme that has been developed in Scott school, California in USA. The program is highly effective in meeting the teaching needs of children with learning and intellectual issues.

"I help children with speech related problems and help them learn language and communication skills. The training is given as per age of a child, severity of the disorders and involves various methods. Children can learn communication through regular therapy and that helps them perform better in school and everyday life." Saugandh Pratap Singh is an Audiologist & Speech Therapist associated with Praangan.

"The lack of awareness about speech and learning disorders in teachers and parents can hamper the growth of a child. Lately there has been a positive change in the outlook of people towards disorders and therapies." He added.

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