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Why is Speech Therapy important? Some information

December 13, 2018

Speech Therapy is a form of therapy used to help children or adults with language and speech related problems. There are a wide range of problems that can be addressed with the aid of proper and regular speech therapy.

Speech therapy can help to overcome some of the speech, language, feeding disorders.

Below are some of the common speech disorders.

  1. Articulation disorders - Children find it difficult to produce the correct sound or pronunciation and others are not able to understand their speech.

  2. Fluency disorders - The communication or speech is not smooth and is often interrupted. Stuttering, repeating words, taking long and unnecessary pauses, stressing on certain syllables.

  3. Voice disorders - Issues with voice quality, pitch or distracting voice.

These disorders hamper the communication development of the child and cause discomfort to them. The children may suffer damage to self-esteem and self-image when they are not able to communicate with others.

Language disorders

Language disorders can be classified as receptive or expressive. Not being able to understand what is being said is a receptive disorder, while not being able to articulate or speak properly is an expressive disorder.

There are some other aspects to communication as well such as memory, attention, perception, organization, thinking, and problem solving. Ideally all these aspects need to work together for an effective communication. In people with disorders, there can be issue in one or more of these factors that have an impact on their speech and language abilities.

Feeding disorders

Disorders related to eating, drinking, swallowing, chewing can also cause developmental problems for children.

Speech Therapists

Speech therapists also known as Speech-language pathologists-SLP are trained experts with the ability to help people with speech disorders. They are educated in the study of communication, development, and the various disorders that affect it.

Therapy is a session in which both the patient and the therapist work closely in a step by step process to overcome the disorder and learn coping strategies.

"Therapist uses various techniques to help the client like techniques to improve auditory memory, Auditory learning listening etc. Moreover, the child will need a modified classroom environment to reduce distractions. "Glads Joseph, Speech Therapist, Prayatna Early Intervention Program

There are different techniques and methods that are used by a therapists depending on the age, severity, disorder and ability of the patients. Speech therapists first help the child or adult with disorder, feel comfortable in the session. There are different approaches and methods that help in learning speech and these are put into use in the sessions.

The therapists stimulate the child's thought process by talking and using aids such as pictures, books, objects and more. The process needs a lot of patience and understanding and that is what the therapists are good at.

They understand the disorders and work diligently to help rectify them so that patients can get a chance at a better life.

Early intervention

To make the therapy effective, it is advised that the course should be started as early as possible. Parents these days are becoming more and more aware about the disorders and this helps in early detection and diagnoses.

Ignoring speech related issues can aggravate the problem in a child and make life more challenging. Parents should stay alert about their child's development and seek professional advice if they feel something is not right. Even while the therapy is going on, the involvement of parents can make the child learn faster and be more confident.

"As a speech therapist, my work is to ensure that speech delayed are worked on in the children. It is important that the disorders are detected early so that the children can get early help. Age appropriate therapy is used for effective learning of the children." Saugandh Pratap Singh, Audiologist & Speech Therapist associated with Praangan Education Trust

Speech therapy is an effective treatment and can help a child to speak or learn to express herself or himself.

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