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Interacting with an adult who has autism can be easy and fun. Here is how.

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects an individual's social and motor skills. But individuals with autism are extremely intelligent, talented and skilled. Adults with autism often feel that they are different from others. But they just do not know why. They also prefer staying away from social activities. Sometimes they can have problems in communication and doing certain things and hence affecting their day to day lives. Parents and guardians must make sure that they stand with an individual with autism through thick and thin.

Adults with autism can easily comprehend when you talk about them in front of them. So if you are going to talk something negative, it is best to avoid that. Just like any other child, someone with autism also starts having hormonal changes when they cross 15 years of age. So they tend to look at the opposite sex or rather staring at them because that is what people with autism do. But that is a very harmless stare and they don't mean anything bad. Some people cannot handle music and loud sounds which becomes even more unmanageable when they become adults. So parents and caretakers must be careful of the surroundings and people who they interact with- Snigdha Kemkar, Mother of 20 year old adult with autism

Are you someone who interacts often with an adult with autism? Here are a few tips to make your interaction fun and easy

  • No sad faces and rudeness- We all know that people with disabilities are often bullied. They undergo a lot of stress and trauma. People with autism tend to be frank during their conversations with you. For instance, if you are wearing a new dress they might tell you that it does not suit you, which is what they feel from their heart. But this might hurt you. In turn, you will have a rude or sad face. Try and refrain from doing that. Understand their condition and also that they are just being honest with your because they like you.
  • Nobody needs sympathies- We tend to sympathise with people with disabilities. But the fact is, they do not need sympathies. Adults with autism are as intelligent and smart as you. Just that, their way of communicating and interacting is different. A person with autism is truthful just like how most of us are. Respect them for what they are. Hence, your interaction with them must also be accordingly.
  • Do not control- Adults with autism, after all, are adults! Their behaviour might be a little different from people without disabilities. But that does not give anyone the right to control them. They have their own choices are prefer doing things on their own. Unwanted controlling from friends or family members will only make that person look awkward in front of an adult with autism.
  • Impart positive vibes- We all need positivity in our lives. That is the main driving force that helps us to improve. So is the case with adults who have autism. Having a developmental disorder is a way of looking at the world with a different lens and in totally different shoes. When you plan things with a person who has autism, you must be ambitious and impart the same vibes to them.

"In India, most of us have a habit of staring at someone if they are unique or different. In western countries, it is considered to be something which is not courteous at all. I have noticed that when someone interacts with a person with autism, they stare at them making the person with autism feel awkward. Nobody likes to be stared at like that. When you interact with a person who has autism, try and become very patient because that matters a lot", Sandhya Reddy, Co-founder, Samanvai Centre for Children with Special Needs.

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