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Wheels for Life is transforming lives

Wheels For Life is the name of an initiative that aims to make people with disabilities independent by providing them wheelchairs.

For a person with mobility problems and physical disabilities, moving around is a huge hurdle. Wheelchair is an accessible device that can enable a person to move from one place to another.

However, in a huge country like India that has thousands of people with financial difficulties, a wheelchair may not be affordable. For people who are not able to afford wheelchairs, Wheels For Life is a ray of hope and a life changer.

A wheelchair becomes the feet for people who are unable to walk due to physical disabilities. It allows them to be independent and enables them to feel free.

Wheels For Life is an initiative of the Nipman Foundation. Nipun Malhotra is a co-founder and CEO of the Nipman Foundation that works for the empowerment of people with disabilities. Nipun uses a wheelchair and understands the importance of assistive devices in the life of people with disabilities.

A wheelchair is not just a mobility device, it means a lot more to people with disabilities. Due to financial reasons or the high cost of wheelchairs, thousands of people are living unfulfilled life. It breaks the barriers of not being able to move and do stuff. The donation of wheelchairs has enabled many children with disabilities to go to school, people have started earning a living with the help of a wheelchair donation, elderly people are now able to get out of their homes after years of being confined and women are able to look after their households. Nipun Malhotra, CEO of the Nipman Foundation

Through the Wheels For Life platform, people can get access to wheelchairs. Organizations and individuals can put up requests for wheelchairs and the same can be fulfilled by willing contributors.

Wheels For Life provides wheelchairs to those who need it and also encourages others to take part in donating or gifting of wheelchairs. It connects the donors with the beneficiaries and the cost of donating one wheelchair is 5000 rupees only.

"I have seen the joy and happiness that a wheelchair brings to the life of people who are unable to walk on their own. A wheelchair is not just a device or aid it is a life transformation." Priyanka Malhotra Co-founder Wheels For Life

Wheels For Life has enabled 1200 people to get wheelchairs but lot of people are still waiting for donors to make their contribution to the cause.

To know more about Wheels For Life Click Here.

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