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A new book on Cerebral Palsy with a difference

December 26, 2018

Riitesh Sinha is a multitalented person, he is an innovator, a literacy activist cum teacher and also a writer.

Riitesh Sinha has Cerebral Palsy and that has never stopped him for exploring extraordinary talents and skills.

Cerebral Palsy or CP affects the motor skills of a person making it difficult to control the body. The condition might have restricted Riitesh's physical movements but it has failed to stop his ideas and brilliance from shining through.

Riitesh's first book titled 'Understanding Cerebral Palsy' has been released recently adding another success to his lists of achievements.

'Understanding Cerebral Palsy' is an effort to create awareness about life with cerebral palsy. The book explains the challenges faced by people with this condition and also how it does not override their abilities. A person is so much more than a disability and that's what the book aims to promote.

Society has some preset notions about people with cerebral palsy and assumes them to be completely dependent on others. The lack of awareness about the disorder makes it difficult for others to see beyond the obvious disability of a person.

Our parents worked really really hard day and night to transform my brother's life.... Now he puts that to transform others' lives......and moves on to inspire so many more...Disabled and non disabled. To me, he is the biggest beacon of hope. And his life is the greatest example that love, faith, patience and hard work - can fill the most hopeless things with amazing hope and limitless possibilities !!!!! Anila Sinha Sharma, Sister of Riitesh Sinha

The book aims to break the notions formed about people with disabilities particularly those with cerebral palsy. People with cerebral palsy are capable of doing a lot more and they are definitely not seeking pity. Like everyone else they also seek respect, equality, opportunities in education and employment and humane behavior from the society.

'Understanding Cerebral Palsy' also has a lot of useful information for people with CP such as therapies, treatments and strategies to cope with the disorder. People with cerebral palsy, their families, educators will also find useful information about the condition in the book.

Through the book Riitesh has shed light on his journey and the many milestones he has reached through self believe and dedication.

The book, has received a very positive response. Here are a few testimonials.

"The words from the man itself. Amazing ! An intelligent mind in a not so intelligent body. Congratulations for all the achievements." Says Shubham Shrivastava, a fan of Riitesh's talents.

"This book will help in raising awareness about cerebral palsy in general public. It will serve as a basic guide for parents and doctors working in the area of rehabilitation of people with cerebral palsy." Dr. Anju Pruthi

""It is a very good, informative book on Cerebral Palsy. I hope people with Cerebral Palsy and their parents will benefits from it." Pramod Sharma

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