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Indian man returns from Pakistan, blames himself for arrest

December 21, 2018

Hamid Ansari the Indian engineer, who had spent the last six years in a Pakistani jail, has finally returned home.

Hamid Ansari had met a Pakistani girl online and fell in love with her. He decided to travel to Pakistan without valid documents to save her from an alleged forced marriage and went to Afghanistan in 2012.

From there, he tried to enter Pakistan illegally but was suspected of being a spy and was arrested before he could even meet the girl. Hamid spent the last 6 years in Peshawar Central jail and considers himself lucky to be back home and safe.

On his return Hamid met and thanked External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj for making it possible for him to return.

He reached his family home in Mumbai yesterday. Hamid says that he has learned some valuable lessons in the last six years and he considers only himself responsible for the ordeal.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was thanked by Hamid and his family for the efforts made by the ministry regarding his return. She was also hailed by users on social media.

shaquib ali‏ @AliSaquib94"Replying to @ANI Salute to this lady,. I wish some DAY INDIA have PM like SUSHMA SWARAJ"

sd_kureel‏ @kureel_d "Replying to @ANI It's a proud moment for all of us that your efforts have saved an Indian from the clutches of death. You have emerged as a savour for not only to Ansari family but to every Indian in distress in foreign land. We truly recognise your sincerity to the purpose when it matters most."

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