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Velvi Drama for Autism- An online course is changing lives

Autism affects one in 60 children in the world, making it one of the most common and fastest growing developmental disorder. Every child with autism is different, has different symptoms, severity and behavior.

Autism affects the development, social and interactive skills and children with autism find it difficult to form social bonds and friendships. This makes them seem isolated although they are not unfriendly. With a little help of techniques and training, the social behavior and interactive abilities of children with autism can improve.

One such effective technique is Drama. Drama involves a bunch of activities that stimulate the creative and social skills of children. Learning of dialogues, postures, positions, expressions, all these are the aspects of presenting a play or drama.

Velvi Online Drama Course for Autism has been making an effective and positive difference in the lives of thousands of children with autism and their families.

The course has successful run 19 editions, around 200 teachers/ special educators/therapists have also been trained and now the 20th edition of the course is to start from January 2019.

Dr Parasuram Ramamoorthi, Ph.D is the course director and has developed effective techniques that enables the participants to realize their potentials and improve skills.

Drama for autism helps individuals in the spectrum to learn how to connect with living and nonliving things. Drama for autism helps them to stretch their physical and emotional boundaries and learn new concepts and skills. Linish Balan, Velvi Student

The use of art acts as an extremely effective therapy and works wonders with the children. They show improvement in eye contact, social interaction and behavior. The children also enjoy the sessions and become calmer and happier.

"The Velvi online Drama for Autism Course is a very enriching course. It covers multiple subjects and establishes the basis for a better interaction with children or adults with Autism. The course helps in shaping the way you think about Autism, equips people with techniques and creative ideas on approaching people with Autism and it also presents student with a challenge of getting out of their comfort zone and exploring spontaneous imagination. "Heidi Qandah, former Velvi Student from USA

Dr Ramamoorthi works tirelessly to help make the lives of children and adults with autism better and aims to transform 100000 lives.

Another parent shared their views with Newz Hook.

"Dr. Parasuram's course is basically an extension of Dr. Stanley Greenspan's floortime. My family had used Dr. Greenspan's approach for my son which really helps the therapist to bond with the child. Velvi's drama course puts into action the same concept and I could do the course with ease even though my son is a non verbal kid with limited vocabulary." Uma Lakshminarayanan, Parent of nonverbal kid

To know more about the course Click Here.

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