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Some useful tips when you have a child with Down syndrome

December 26, 2018

Parenting is never easy. It gets even more complicated when you have a child with a disability. Love, care and patience are inevitable when you are the parent to a child with Down syndrome. Children with Down syndrome are born with an extra chromosome that affects their development and hence affecting their functioning in many ways. Since this condition lasts lifelong, parents have to be very patient with their children.

But that does not mean that it is the end of a tunnel. Just like a child without a disability, a child with Down syndrome loves learning new things and exploring things around them. Make sure that you stand with them through thick and thin to ensure that they get nothing lesser but the best.

One of the biggest thing parents must keep in mind is that they must believe in their child. People with Down syndrome are capable of achieving many things in life. Just that they lack opportunities. They love arts, dance and crafts. Nowadays, there is a lot of support system for parents who have children with Down syndrome. Social media always lends a helping hand. Parents can talk and discuss things amongst each other. So make use of all these opportunities- Parini, Parent of child with Down syndrome

Here are some helpful tips for parents of children with Down syndrome

  • Encourage them to be independent- Gone are days when people used to think that children or adults with Down syndrome are incapable of doing things. Today, there are thousands of them who run their own businesses and work for private and government companies. But all that depends on how parents groom and mould the child. From a young age, teach them to do things on their own. After you guide them, let them get dressed, have food and do their hobbies alone. This will only help them later on in future.
  • Love and play with your child- Just like every child, a child with a disability longs for love and care. Make sure that you spend time with them and make them feel wanted. Never bring up topics about their disability in front of them. Take them out to places, read out books to them and have fun together. Give them all the possible opportunities to explore new things.
  • Be patient and hopeful- This is one of the most important things. Having a child with a disability is never easy because it brings a lot of challenges. Accept the fact that your child is different from others. They are unique and need to be valued. Be very patient and hopeful about their progress. Nothing comes easy. More importantly, enjoy parenting to the fullest.
  • Participate in community programmes- In earlier days, parents who have children with disabilities never wanted them to come out of the house. But things have changed drastically. Today, parents want their children to come out and participate in activities. Look out for fun activities that your child with Down syndrome can participate. It will only boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Manohar Tejam's 26 year old son Sameer Tejam has Down syndrome.

"A parent who has a child with Down syndrome must be very understanding and patient. Just like any other child, their behaviour starts changing when they grow up. Parents must understand that. Sameer loves being around people and hates being alone", says Manohar Tejam.

When you take care of your child's health, make sure that you do not miss out on yours. Find time for friends and family, go easy on yourself and take care of your health. Only when you are healthy will you be able to take care of your child well.

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