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Some tips for new parents who have child with autism

Parenting can be tiring, tedious and challenging. But with the right guidance and planning, it can be fun too. If you have a child with autism, your parenting journey will be a little different. But remember, patience is the key to raising a healthy, intelligent and smart child. So when you have a child with autism, make sure that you put in your best efforts to raise them.

Unlike earlier days, today's parents are more accepting about their child's disability. They realise that with right therapies and treatments, their child with autism will have a great quality of living. They do not fear social stigma and are spreading awareness about disabilities which is great. So even new parents are accepting their child's disability and providing them with nothing lesser than the best therapies and educations.

Autism is lack of social skills, difficulty in communication and repetitive behaviour. As soon as your child is diagnosed with autism, accept it and start providing them with right therapies. Initially, it can be hard. But the more time you take to accept it, the more time you waste. Most of the new parents are hearing about autism for the first time only when their child is diagnosed with it. So understand about the disorder better and reach out for help. Find experts and talk to other parents of children with autism. I'am stressing that mothers are the best therapists and love is the ideal therapy for children with autism- Smrithi Rajesh, parent of child with autism

Are you a new parent who has a child with autism? We have some great tips to make parenting fun for you.

  • Seek advice- No doubt that diagnosing your child with autism can give you shock waves. But it is not end of the tunnel. So move ahead with confidence to raise your child well. One of the best ways to become more aware of autism is to interact with other parents who have children with autism. Today, there are many therapists and special educators who can guide you on the right path. Seek their advice and follow it because they clearly know things better. Do not rely too much of the information that Google has to offer you. There is no harm in getting some extra tips for your child. But online mediums must not be your only source.
  • Be open to doing things- You do not have to stick on to just one pattern of doing things. Keep exploring and give your child also a chance to do it. We all know that we learn new things when we explore. So be courageous and kind enough to try out new things. Do not feel ridiculous about it. So whether it is taking your child out to a new place, trying out some new dish or even therapies, seek the unknown.
  • Therapies can be expensive- Therapists and special educators can be expensive. You will have to shell a bomb for it. So there is no harm is seeking help because it is for the best interests of your child. Do not be hesitant to seek financial help from your closed ones if you need to. Maybe you can even tell them that you prefer a therapy session sponsored by them instead of a gift coupon for your birthday. This might sound a little weird. But it is OK.
  • Unwind yourself- Yes, parenting a child with autism can exhaust and drain you. But do not let that hold you back from doing what you want in life. Love travelling? Do that. Want to check out a movie alone? Look no further. It is always best to find some time for yourself where you can cry, moan or even laugh alone. It will only make you feel better.

"Once your child has been diagnosed with autism, start training them from then on. Children with autism can do things independently with the right guidance. Teach them to do things so that parents do not have to worry about it later on in life. Focus on the positives and stay consistent on schedules. Follow routines. It helps a lot", says Grace, Psychologist and parent of child with autism

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