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Murderer of cop in Bulandshahr violence nabbed by Uttar Pradesh police

December 29, 2018

After three weeks, Uttar Pradesh (UP) police has nabbed Prashant Natt for alleged murder of inspector Subodh Singh. Reportedly, Natt pulled the trigger of the gun to shoot down Singh due to which Singh was murdered in the violence. There was violence in the area after carcases of over 30 cows were found at a nearby forest. An angry mob started violence when Singh and his team came to interfere and stop them. Most of the policemen were seriously injured and Singh was chased and shot down by angry mob.

The police have also arrested Johny, supposedly the man who snatched the revolver from Singh. Natt and Johny were seen in the videos of violence through which the police nabbed them. Initially, there were reports that a top leader from right-wing Bajrang Dal was the one who shot Singh. But police rubbished the rumours. This created quite a stir among social media users who pointed out that the cops are hiding the real culprits.

Call it 'COW'ARDICE. #yogeshraj, district convenor of bajrang dal is hiding from law after inciting mob to violence #Bulandshahr- Sarath Chandran, Twitter User.

The UP police nabbed Natt from the Bulandshahr-Noida border on Thursday. A senior police official said that Natt has admitted to have shot the policeman. The police have refused to reveal more details of the crime.

"UP Police say they've identified the man who shot inspector Subodh Kumar Singh in #Bulandshahr . Acc to police the accused is Prashant Nutt, who can be seen in videos of mob violence on December 3. Let's hope they have caught the right guy", tweeted Sanghamitra.

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