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15 men still remain missing inside coal mine at Meghalaya

December 31, 2018

It has been over two weeks since 15 miners got stuck inside a 320 feet deep coal mine at the Lumthari village in East Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya. In spite of rescue operations going in full-swing, they have not been able to take out even one person who is stuck inside. The men got stuck due to excessive flooding inside the mine. Reportedly, foul smells have been coming from inside the mine adding to the already tense situation.

The resources trapped in mines were humans and it was responsibility of entire govt. (State and Center) machinery to bring them back asap. Sad to see it took 17 days for govt to even react. Very unfortunate-Lakhwant Singh, Twitter User

On Saturday, a group of Indian navy divers from Vishakhapatnam arrived at the mine to intensify search operations. They have special diving equipments using which they will do an extensive search inside the mine. They said that rescue operations are going to take a lot of time.

All the 15 men have been stuck inside the mine since 13 December. In spite of a tragedy, the central government has chosen to not give much importance to the incident. Until date, only very few ministers have spoken about the tragedy. Only two ministers visited the mine site till date. The mine is reportedly owned by Krip Schullet who is already under arrest. Many youngsters work in mines at Meghalaya because they are paid over 4000 Rs every day for the risky job that they do. Missing of the 15 men inside the tunnel has thrown light on the dangerous mines in the state.

"Now, it's High time, Govt. should wake up and save mine workers. Their families are waiting. They are Human too!", tweeted Navjit Singh Tomar.

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