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2nd Indian Congress for Persons with Disabilities 2019, some information

December 31, 2018

The Second Indian Congress for Persons with Disabilities will be held in 2019 in Bangalore. The congress will see the presence of experts from across India who have been working for the welfare and development of the disabled community.

Inspired by the idea of worldwide congresses by Thomas Kraus from Germany, a team consisting of Rabindran Isaac, Akila Vaidyanathan, Micky Joseph and Sumanth KV. have initiated the Congress movement in India.

The idea became a reality and in 2018 the 1st congress was held resulting into a hugely successful event. The congress saw a gathering of people working in different areas and it became an inclusive platform that encouraged the sharing of ideas for empowerment of the disabled community.

Panel discussions, inclusive musical concert and a lot of fun and bonding activities marked the 1st congress. The Second Indian Congress will be held at the Samarthanam Trust in Bangalore from 29 April to 1 May 2019.

The second Indian Congress in Bangalore is going to be a unique meeting place of talents from across the country. The informative sessions, fulfilled activities and inclusive adventurous actions are going to articulate and advocate for the inclusive social society, which is our dream- Micky Joseph, Core Member, Indian Congress for Persons with Disabilities

Celebrating beautiful minds

The congress aims to be a platform for "Celebrating Beautiful Minds" by bringing people together and paving a way for an inclusive journey.

This year too, the congress aims to promote the spirit of celebrating the differences and uniting people from various sectors. A lot of activities have been planned for the Congress such as, an Inclusive bike rally, an inclusive run for people with all types of disabilities, cricket game for the visually impaired.

Inclusive art program with Indian, western music, dance performances and wheelchair basketball match for ladies will also be held.

Participants are invited from all parts of India and also from our neighbors like Nepal, Srilanka

"The congresses are special events for persons who are regarded as being disabled. By attending them, they have the opportunity to travel and meet others in similar situations, often from different parts of the country, to share experiences and simply make friends. Except for their disabilities, these persons also possess a wide range of abilities. They are skilled and creative human beings who can empower society to become more generous. How can we help them to develop their potentials and where else can they present them in an outstanding setting? Worldwide congresses are exemplary when it comes to transforming disabilities into abilities". Thomas Kraus, Initiator worldwide Congresses of Persons with Disabilities

To know more about the congress and register Click Here

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