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Samam Vidya brings workshop to improve writing skills

The education of children with disabilities and disorders needs to be carried out as per their needs and understanding.

For children with disabilities the pace of learning is different from other children. The process of special education involves use of modified teaching methods, sensitization in educators and techniques.

Samam Vidya is an organization based in Bangalore that has been working to create quality education in India by giving training to educators.

Through the expert support and training, students have a better chance of getting good education. Padma Shastry is the Founder and Director of Samam Vidya.

She is a special education expert with years of experience of working with children with disabilities such as Learning Disabilities, autism, Down 's syndrome, seizure disorder, vision impairments and physical disabilities.

She uses her knowledge to train other educators, parents and enables them to become effective teachers.

Aparna Vellala is an educator and shared her experience with NewzHook.

The great thing about this workshop is the participants get to do what is expected out of the students. The process of writing itself can be understood and is very helpful for content writing. Padma shares tips with her rich experience that help drive the classroom for all kinds of students. Aparna Vellala

Workshops are organised by Samam Vidya on various education oriented topics under the title The Inclusive Teacher.

"Yes, that is an important lesson I learnt in the course, structures give us confidence to do it. For example we are now story writers!!😜 " Manisha Mehta, workshop participant

One such workshop is to be held this month that will explore the skills needed for fiction writing in middle and high school going children. The workshop is one of the many in The Writing Series and is for remedial educators, teachers from mainstream schools, for parents and also for homeschoolers.

The workshops are inclusive and cater to the requirements of teachers of all types of students such as children with and without learning disabilities, slow learners.

Geeta Sundar has attended the workshops by Samam Vidya and had this to say about the sessions.

" I have learnt n number strategies from you Padma and incorporated almost all with my students . Thank you so much for having a wonderful mentor. As said by Purva let the journey continue. So nice of all for being a real student. We are all taken back to our school days with richer learning."

To know more about the workshops and Samam Vidya Click Here.

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