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Some useful tips for wheelchair users

Being on a wheelchair can change your life in many ways. It can affect your social and personal life as well. But that does not mean that it is the end of the tunnel. There is still so much to do and much to explore. Gain all your confidence, strength, grit and determination to live life to the fullest on a wheelchair.

Since your wheelchair is an integral part of your life, make sure that it has no damages. Wheelchair users share their views on this.

I use a power wheelchair. So I avoid uneven roads. I make sure that my battery is always fully charged and the seat must be comfortable for your back and it must also be straight. My wheelchair is serviced every three months by technical experts-Pulkit Sharma, Wheelchair user from Delhi

Here are some useful tips for wheelchair users to follow on a daily basis

  • Be comfortable on your wheelchair- A wheelchair is one of the most important part of your body. You must understand that and move ahead in life. Ensure that your wheelchair is kept right and up the mark. You must also be aware of tits length, size, width and other measurements because it is extremely important. Move ahead confidently on your wheelchair.
  • Let yourselves free on your wheelchair- There are different types of wheelchairs available in the market. Make sure that you buy nothing lesser than the best. So whether it is a sunny or rainy day, you must be able to go out and do what you want. There are many people who think that their wheelchairs might get spoilt if they go out in the rain. Do not let being on a wheelchair stop you from going out in the rain and enjoying every bit of it. For example, if you have an electric wheelchair, cover the hand control with a plastic bag and get out in the rain!
  • Check your wheelchair daily- This goes without a say. This is most important if you are heading out somewhere on your wheelchair. In case your wheelchair needs some technical fixing, make sure you do that without fail. You do not want to spend your day out repairing your wheelchair. So look out for technical glitches.
  • Stay positive on your wheelchair- Look around you. There are thousands of wheelchair users who aim for the stars. They have travelled alone, beaten international records in games and so much more on a wheelchair. All these people have proved that being on a wheelchair need not stop you from dreaming. So take inspiration from these people who live life to their fullest. Whether you have a disability or not, staying positive is very important.

"You must know your wheelchair really well because it is very important. If you are using an electric wheelchair, make sure that it is fully charged for the distance that you have to cover. In case you hear some sounds from your wheelchair, make sure to get it checked", says Mohammad Fasil, Wheelchair user from Kerala

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