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Actor Alok Nath gets anticipatory bail in rape case

January 6, 2019

Actor Alok Nath who has been accused of rape and sexual assault has received anticipatory bail from a court in Mumbai.

Vinta Nanda, a writer-producer claims that she was raped and assaulted by Alok Nath more than 19 year ago. Based on her statement, an FIR was filed against Alok Nath. Nanda shared the details of her ordeal in a Facebook post that was shared in October last year.

The rape took place at the time when Vinta Nanda and Alok Nath were working together on a very popular TV serial named 'Tara'.

According to Nanda, Alok Nath was let go of the project as he was constantly misbehaving with the lead actress of the show, Naveen Nishant.

Vinta Nanda spoke about the rape when a wave of #metoo movement had rocked India last year. As per reports, Alok Nath's wife is said to be a close friend of Nanda since many years. The revelation had shocked the nation as Alok Nath is known for playing good hearted and noble characters in movies and TV shows.

Another actor Sandhya Mridul also came forward and said that she was harassed by Nath.

S Habib Ullah Quadri‏ @sayyad005tweeter,"Replying to @ANI Many rapes might had happened in the past, at least someone now have the courage to take him to task. Salute to Vinta Nanda!"

à¸-αмαsкαr à¸-αмαsÏ"Ñ"‏ @NamaskarNamaste wrote, "Replying to @ANI Another case to run for 15/20 years as hi is influencial actor and a rich person. This is indian judiciary all polititions and rich people are there to commit a crime and enjoy life. Judiciary Zindabad"

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