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New study points out adults with cerebral palsy are prone to depression & anxiety

January 7, 2019

In the modern world, rates of people with depression and anxiety are very high. Lack of strong relationships, stress, poor lifestyle habits and excessive work are some of the main reasons for depression and anxiety.

The risk is even higher for people with cerebral palsy, says a new study. A developmental disorder, cerebral palsy affects muscle coordination and leads to certain other conditions as well.

This new study was conducted based on various factors, including socio-economic status, sex and age of a person. So, how do adults with CP cope with this? We spoke to some people with the condition who have careers and are determined to live their lives to the fullest.

Salesh Dipak, a sub0editor with Chennai media company Awesome Machi, says he suffered from a bout of depression but fought to overcome it.

People with cerebral palsy are prone to mood swings and depression. I am a depression survivor and I am glad to say that I have overcome it. I believe that it happens mainly due to a lack of understanding among peers and the isolation one has to deal with. - Salesh Dipak, Sub-Edtior, Awesome Machi

The risk of depression is higher among those with cerebral palsy and intellectual disability says the study. The study will explore the factors in greater depth to know why this is so.

Vinayana Khurana, a Delhi-based poet and writer with cerebral palsy says she refuses to allow her disability to get her down or anxious. An avid blogger, she finds an outlet for her feelings in the world of art and literature.

"I personally feel that it is wrong to associate cerebral palsy with depression because any person can be affected by depression, whether you have a disability or not. It all depends on the environment that they are living in. It must be favourable so that they can follow their needs and aspirations", says Khurana.

Depressions affects everyone, it is the attitude that matters. Clearly, for someone with a disability, the challenges may be more given the lack of accessibility and support.

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