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Make travel fun & exciting for blind people in these ways

Travelling is fun. It rejuvenates you, makes you feel great and helps you to know the world better. Gone are days when people with disabilities could not travel. Nowadays, disabled people travel alone, thanks to accessibility and disabled friendly tourist spots. Last year, Air BnB, one of the world's largest accommodation start-ups had introduced accessibility features making travel more fun and easier for disabled people.

In India, there are a few disabled friendly places that one needs to research on before making plans. For blind people, travelling can be made fun too. So whether you are travelling alone or with family and friends, there are some things that you need to plan ahead. That way, your travel can be made more fun and exciting.

I travel a lot. One of the main things that I keep in mind is that I plan my trip ahead. I look out for factors like a good guide and accessibility at the destination. Every guide has different ways of explaining and interacting. So having a guide with whom you are comfortable is important. In case you need help, ask people for guidance. - Penav Mota, blind student

Here are some fail safe ways to make travel fun and safe.

  • Plan ahead- Needless to say, this is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you make travel plans. So whether you are going to a tourist place in your country or another one, you must know what to expect. You can also talk to other travelers who have been there. It will help you to get a better idea of the place. Look out for disabled friendly hotels where the staffs are willing to reach out to you. In case you plan to fly down, inform the airlines about your requirements. A de-stressed trip is always fun and exciting.
  • Travel smart- There are certain things that every traveler must keep with them. For example, passports, wallet, mobile phone, medicines and water are some of the main things that must always be handy. So make sure that everything is safely kept inside your bag. If you have a credit or debit card, keep that safely with you so that in case your cash gets stolen, you can still get back home safely.
  • Ask for help - When you travel, everything is going to be new. Hence, you will need help. Do not be reluctant to ask for help whether you are boarding a flight, staying in a hotel or visiting a tourist place. People are willing to help blind people. You can also hire a tourist guide who will give you detailed insights about places. With some help, you will only get the best out of your travel.
  • Check for discounts and offers - Most of the leading travel companies and websites offer some great deals for their customers. So make sure that you make full use of them. You will get slashed rates for hotels and even tours. Do a thorough research so that you can save on some money.

Simon George is the founder of Specialcare Holidays that organizes exclusive holidays for people with all kinds of disabilities. The company has many features for blind people like Braille passes and Braille brochures.

"The requirement of each blind person is different. Hence, it must be customized. At Specialcare, we have exclusive guides for blind people who explain things to them. With a little planning ahead, blind people can enjoy travel a lot", says George.

So, planning ahead in key. Do not compromise on that factor.

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