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Some fun activities at home for a child with autism

In India, there are thousands of schools exclusively for children with disabilities. But childhood is not all about education and schools. Children must sit at home and spend time with family. For a child with autism, this can help them develop in many ways. Since children with autism lack social skills, spending time with their own family members whom they are comfortable is very important.

So whether it is a weekend, public holiday or just another day, parents must make sure that their child with autism makes the best out of sitting at home.

My son loves cooking. He also helps me with household chores on a daily basis. So when I wash vessels, he helps me by handing them over and then drying it with a towel. Earlier, he used to spend a lot of time playing on the phone. But now I reduced the time he spends on tablet and phone. He loves playing snake and ladder, caroms and jumping games when he is at home. - Radhika, Autism parent

Here are some tips to make sitting at home fun for children with autism

  • Cook together - Who doesn't love cooking? It is always fun when the family gets together to try out something new. So when your child is at home, check out some new recipe with them. Most of the children love cakes and cookies. Bake some at home. Let them get introduced to the world of cooking and baking. Cooking definitely is an art. It brings out the creative side of your child. Let them try and do things on their own and explore it.
  • Dance. -Apart from being one of the most sought after art forms, dance is a great physical activity as well. It helps your child to stay fit. If your child is getting restless and anxious indoors, introduce them to some music where they can shake a leg. No matter what age your son or daughter is, everybody loves to dance. It helps them to become more aware of their bodies. Let them try out some new steps and do what they feel like. It is a great fun activity.
  • Go creative - When you have a child with autism inside the house, introduce them to making creative and new things. They can try cutting out papers and making something which can be hung inside their rooms. Every time they see it inside their room, it will add to their self-esteem and happiness. Help them create something unique by buying those colours and papers. Craft is a great way to unleash you.
  • Play video games - Too much of anything is not good. But if done in the right doses, everything can be fun. It is the same with video games. When you introduce your child to video games, make sure that they do not get addicted to it. Video games are a great stress buster. Sit with them when they are playing so that you can monitor them.

"There are some great puzzles that are available in the market exclusively for children with autism. Colouring books are also good. But always be careful when you give them sketch pens and colouring materials. They tend to be careless and might put it inside their ears or even poke into their eyes", says Subhashini Rao, Co-founder, Sankalp

You can also ask your child to suggest activities that he or she may find stimulating. Remember to make it a combination of something that involves the mind and body.

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