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Bhopal is hosting Deaf Festival 2019, know more

January 17, 2019

The Deaf Can Foundation has been working tirelessly to empower the deaf youth in the country through various initiatives. This month a Deaf youth festival is being organized in the city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Deaf Festival 2019- is an effort to bring together people of the deaf community from all over the country.

The Festival will be held from 18 January till 20 January at the People's University in Bhanpur.

The three day festival will include a lot of fun activities including fashion, music and dance events, for the participants and audience.

Some of the events that will rock the participants include:

- Beauty pageant

- Dance show

- Drama competition,

- A very unique mom and kids fashion show

- A short film competition

- Exhibitions

- Even some adventurous activities for those who seek thrill.

Rohan Jadhav from Mumbai, is going to attend the event and shared his excitement with NewzHook.

"I will be going to attend the Deaf Festival in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I will be attending this festival for the first time, they have great presentations in the event. Then there are dance competition, drama contest, jokes contests etc. plus there are people participating in the event from different parts of India like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, South, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka etc. It's amazing to see it's happening in Bhopal for the first time, so hopefully I will go there & the event will be interesting, also waiting to meet so many people. Hope to have a lot of fun." Rohan Jadhav, Teacher in DEEDS-India

The festival is aimed to bring the deaf people together and help them gain confidence through interaction with each other. New friends will be made and new bonds will be formed at the festival.

The festival will also be attended by deaf leaders from across India and they will give lecture sessions to create awareness amongst the youth about their rights.

There will also be a lucky draw held with lots of amazing gifts up for winning.

"Deaf Festival is a great opportunity for deaf people to meet and learn new things and also to have enjoyment. "Atul Sakare, works in private sector

The festival will be great place to have fun and learn more about the deaf community and youth of the country.

For more details of the festival read : Deaf Festival 2019

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