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Kerala government claims 51 women entered Sabarimala since last September

January 20, 2019

The Kerala government on Friday claimed that 51 women have entered Sabarimala since last September when the Supreme Court lifted ban on entry of women into the hill shrine. A list of names along with their Aadhar card details was submitted to the Supreme Court by lawyer Vijay Hansaria who appeared for the Kerala government.

The way @vijayanpinarayi handled the #Sabarimala issue, amid mounting challenges from BJP, RSS, Congress and others, should be a text book case for governance. He mobilised people, established a counter-narrative and gradually implemented the SC order- Stanly Johny, Twitter User

Reportedly, some of the details are incorrect because one amongst them is a 42 year Tamil Nadu man while some of the names are of women who are above 50 years of age. Most of the names are of women from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Opposition parties pointed out that the list is fake and that so many women have clearly not entered the temple.

The state government said that almost 7500 women have already registered online to enter Sabarimala. The government stated that the women who wish to enter the temple will be provided with all the security.

"So the final tally is 7,000 hardened Hindu Terrorists Arrested and 51 women who have already gone to Sabarimala... I'd chalk that up as a win for Humanity!", tweeted Comrade Nambiar.

On 28 September, the Supreme Court of India had ordered that women devotees of menstrual age can enter Sabarimala. The hill shrine is the abode of Lord Ayyappa who is celibate. There was a ban on entry of women into the temple. Ever since the ban was lifted, Kerala has been witnessing protests and communal riots.

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