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Workshop on children with ADHD, know more

January 22, 2019

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD affects a person's ability to focus and pay attention. Children and adults with the disorder may find it difficult to focus on a particular activity as their attention span is short. This can act as a barrier in their education and professional life and affect relationships as well.

The symptoms and severity of ADHD vary from person to person. There are some signs commonly observed in children and experts say it is important to recognize the behaviour patterns and work with them.

"ADHD is real and valid. The sooner we recognize the patterns and learn to work with these kids, the better assured we will be that they as adults with be healthy members of society," says Chelana Jain, a psychological counsellor and remedial therapist.

So, what are these signs?

  1. Self-centered or self-focused behavior is a common one and the child finds it hard to take an interest in other people.

  2. Interrupting others frequently in conversations and activities.

  3. Impatience - Not being able to wait for their turn.

  4. Emotional breakdowns or tantrums.

  5. Not being able to sit and constant fidgeting.

  6. Not being able to finish tasks.

  7. Lack of focus and attention in social setups.

  8. Inability to execute multiple instructions and frequent blunders.

There are several such symptoms that indicate the presence of ADHD in a child.

Early intervention can ensure that the child gets timely therapy and attention so life is less challenging as the years progress. It can also help parents and teachers understand how to help the child.

One such workshop is being organised in Hyderabad by the Samadhan Goyam Child Development Center. The workshop is for parents, special educators, counsellors, and guardians. Called Workshop on Secrets to Deal with ADHD Children, it will be held on 9 February.

Experts will guide participants about various techniques and methods that can be used to work with children with ADHD. Among the trainers is Shivani Wadhwa

The workshop will address the basic questions that arise when dealing with a child who has ADHD. With the right methods and techniques, parents, teachers, family members can ensure proper development of the children. The methods can help in increasing the sitting tolerance of children which in turns reflects on their behavior and performance. - Shivani Wadhwa, Counselor-Professional Trainer

"Because ADHD is not a visible medical disorder people don't understand that it is just as disabling as those that are very visible. It requires understanding and acceptance that people with ADHD need some accommodations at times to perform to their potential, " she added.

Around India there is growing recognition and awareness of the critical role that early intervention plays in developmental disorders. Workshops like these offer a platform for experts and caregivers to share lessons and feel empowered.

To know more about the workshop Click Here.

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