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Teen prodigy Satvik Sharma expresses himself through incredible works of art

January 21, 2019

Just 14 years old, Satvik Sharma's art shows a level of skill and maturity usually seen in an seasoned artist. This Delhi-based teenager, whose work was displayed at the recent India Art Fair in Mumbai, is making quite a mark in the world of art, with over 15 exhibitions to his credit at such a young age.

Satvik was diagnosed with autism when was is three months and is non-verbal. What he does not say in words, he communicates through his rich, vibrant works.

He usually paints his feelings in different colours and uses vibrant shades. He was doing a course when water colours were introduced as part of the module. He has always been fascinated by water and he started experimenting with a lot of water, adding colours to it. We had to give him different textures of papers to fit his needs. - Shailja Sharma, Satvik's mother

His skills caught the attention of Jyoti Kalra, a curator and artist, who gave Satvik an opportunity to hold his first exhibition at her gallery, Uchaan.

"His work is very mature and his creativity is of a high order," says Kalra. "The way he uses colour is quite outstanding, especially when you remember that he is largely self-taught. I have displayed his work at many exhibitions alongside established Indian masters and no one can tell the difference. I never mention his disorder because that is not important and should not be the focus."

Apart from accolades like these Satvik has also been recognized by the Delhi government, which conferred him with a state award for 'exceptional achievement in the field of creativity'.

Pushing boundaries

Satvik is not content with these laurels, and has started new mediums like oil and acrylic.

"He also uses new tools like knives and wooden twigs," says Sharma, who is also a lawyer. "It is interesting to note that he is ambidextrous, which gives him a variety of strokes and adds to the uniqueness of his work."

Like all moms wish for their children, Shailja wants Satvik to go on to achieve even greater things, but she is clear it has to be on his terms. The lesson she has learned in raising such a gifted child is to have faith.

"Every parent must be an optimist. There will always be something unique about your child, so focus on fixing the environment to suit your child, rather than the child itself. The more faith you have in your child 's instincts, the more the child will flower."

You can follow Satvik's work and achievements on his Facebook page called Satvik's Dream World.

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