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WhatsApp forwards now limited

January 22, 2019

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily lives and keeps us connected to people through messages and the forwarded videos. The instant messaging platform has gained a massive popularity and user base in India.

However, the platform is often used for spreading false news and rumors that can result in dangerous situations and unnecessary panic among the public.

To ensure that WhatsApp is not misused by anti-social elements, a limit is being put on the forwarded messages.

People will now be able to forward a text message to only 5 chats as compared to the previous option of 20 individuals or groups. This is being done to reduce the spread of misinformation through forwarded messages that try to incite people.

The step has been taken by the Facebook-owned messenger service WhatsApp due to many instances of killings and lynching that took place in the country. In most cases it was found that the mob was instigated by rumours circulated through WhatsApp.

Several people shared their opinion on social media about the limit on forwarded messages. Here are some of the reactions.

sarmad janjua‏ @sarmadpk tweeted, "Replying to @Reuters I am sure everyone knows atleast one name who immediately needs this or a complete ban"

ð"œð"».ð"¡ð"¸ð"«ð"¸ð"½ ðŸ'¨ðŸ'»â€ @Felixnithy Replying to @verge Even if WhatsApp limits the forward messages still people can spread misinformations by copy pasting it into an another chat or group... "

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