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Decomposed body of miner taken out of Meghalaya mine

January 25, 2019

15 miners stuck in the illegal "rat hole" mine in Meghalaya have not been rescued even after 42 days. Rescue workers at the mine in Meghalaya had spotted a dead body last week and since then attempts were being made to bring it out of the shaft.

Due to exposure to water and high Sulphur content in the mines, the body had decomposed fast and was disintegrating on contact, making it hard to bring it out.

Indian Navy rescuers managed to get the decomposed body out yesterday from a depth of 100 feet within the mine. The body has been sent for a post-mortem.

Rescuers of the miners have given up hope of there being any survivors, however, families have requested that the bodies be recovered for performing their last rites.

Navy rescue team is using 'Remotely Operated Vehicles-ROV' to look for bodies inside the mines as it is full of water and divers are not able to go inside.

The miners got stuck inside the illegally dug up mine on 13 December 2018 and since then rescue work is going on in the flooded mine located in the East Jaintia Hills district. The Supreme Court had also asked for the continuance of the rescue work and to consult experts in the matter

Water pumps used for extracting water out of the mines have failed to reduce the water level inside over the weeks. The high water level has been hampering the entry of divers into the mine.

The inability of the authorities to carry out a timely and effective rescue operation has been slammed by many.

Shantanu N Sharma‏Verified account @shantanunandan2tweeted, "We are ready to send a human to moon, but don't have adequate expertise to rescue (maybe recover) 15 miners trapped in a rate hole mine in Meghalaya for last 40 days (since Dec 13). Time to think through"

Padmanabhan‏ @yeomanpadhu Replying to @ndtv wrote,"Decomposed body of miner in Meghalaya is recovered after 45 days .We can imagine the fate of other miners. Govt,opposition, media etc not taking care of miners .Sorry pic of largest democracy and 4th largest economy on earth.

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