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Tips to help you look fashionable in a wheelchair

Being on a wheelchair does not mean that you put comfort and ease over style. Everyone likes to look well dressed and trendy, and wheelchair users are no exception. All you have to do is be aware of what suits you in terms of colour and ease of wear. And remember to plan in advance if you are going to be out for long hours.

Priya Bhargava, winner of the title Miss Wheelchair India 2015, has a busy schedule. She has some good tips to offer.

For wheelchair users, the area that is most visible is the torso and legs below the knee. So try and highlight it by wearing boots or designer ankle length footwear. If you are comfortable wearing short clothes, go for it. Wearing long and heavy attractive earrings will only enhance your glamour quotient. - Priya Bhargava, Miss Wheelchair India 2015

Bhargava also advises to keep it subtle and not highlight too many things at the same time. "If you are wearing statement jewellery, then keep rest everything simple. If you want to show off what you are wearing, then avoid statement jewellery. Remember to work on your make up as well".

So, here are some tips you should broadly follow:

  • Avoid bulky fabric - Bulky fabrics make moving around on a wheelchair difficult. So, it is best to avoid oversized jackets, kurtas, dresses and tops. These clothes are definitely going to hang out from the wheelchair and make you look sloppy. Your clothes could also get tangled so wear clothes that fit you well, without being tight.
  • Don't forget to accessorize - Add beautiful jewellery, shoes, make up and footwear to the ensemble to give you a distinctive look. Just like the clothes that you wear, your accessories tell more about your style.
  • Pick up longer tops - Longer tops make you look thinner, while short clothes can make you look lumpy. Besides when you lean over, your body will not be exposed in a longer top.
  • Being comfortable is what matters - Unless you can move around freely or carry it off, do not wear something just because it looks pretty on someone else. What another person wears and looks good on them might not suit you too well. For wheelchair users, comfort factor plays a big part.
Srilatha, a wheelchair user and fashion designer from Bengaluru, prefers vibrant colours at all times."I feel that colours are very important to wheelchair users when it comes to fashion. So if you are on a black wheelchair, try and avoid black and other dark colours. It is important to stick to bright shades".

Also, remember to dress according to body type. Remember it only takes some effort when you are starting out. Once you make it a habit, looking stylish need not be expensive or time consuming.

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