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Some recreational activities for visually impaired people

February 9, 2019

Thanks to technology, the range of recreational activities available for people with visual disabilities are many. Visually impaired people must look at the choices that are available and choose that suits their interests most. There are community programs as well where people can meet others socially.

For Simran Chawla, a beauty pageant winner, dancing is among her favourite recreational activities.

I do a lot of physical exercises like walking and aerobics. I also plan to hit the gym very soon. Dancing is also one of my favourite activities. So, when I am with family I make sure we have a great time dancing. -Simran Chawla, Princess India 2017

Here are some recreational activities that visually impaired people could look:

  • Craft and culture - Are you good at dance, theatre or music? Identify what suits your interest and go for it. Going to the movies with community members is also a lot of fun. Just make sure the theatre is accessible for visually impaired people. PVR Cinemas for instance has taken many steps to make theatres in some cities accessible to people with various disability types. Download the app or visit the website to find out the theatre closest to you.
  • Sports and games - Sports keep you healthy and fit and you hear of many visually impaired people taking up activities like running and swimming. You can also hire a personal trainer. Swimming is also a great way to keep physically fit.
  • Gardening - Nature in itself is therapeutic. It can provide a wonderful sensory experience as well. To make gardening fun for visually impaired people, you can use pots and plants with sensory borders. There are professionals and experts who can guide you. Make sure that everything is kept at an accessible place that is easily available at your fingertips.

Penav Mota, a blind law student, swears by cricket to stay fit and to de-stress. "After my studies, I hardly get any time for recreation. But having your own free time and doing something is very important. I play blind cricket, and that is one of the best recreational activities that I indulge in".

So, what are you waiting for? Check out all these options to figure out what suits you best.

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