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Some rules for parenting a child with ADHD

January 28, 2019

Raising a child with a disorder like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) comes with some challenges. Children with this disorder can be aggressive, hyperactive, impulsive, irritable and often difficult to manage. They are also prone to depression and some learning disabilities.

What is key to their growth is the role played by parents. For Sam K James, parent to a child with ADHD, realizing where his son's interests lay was key.

My son was interested in sports. Being a child with ADHD, he is hyperactive. So, sports is ideal for him. I allow him to play the sports he likes and also gives him coaching. I make sure that I draw a line and he does not cross the borders for his own good. I also give him freedom to explore things and do what he wants to follow his heart. - Sam K James, Parent

So, every child has some hobby or passion. Help him or her find it and hone it. Here are a few tips for parents who have children with ADHD

  • Accept your child - For a child to feel accepted, they must receive support and sense of confidence from parents. Since children with ADHD tend to be hyper and energetic, parents must tap into some of that in a productive way.
  • Simplify their lives - Parents must ensure that their child follows a simple yet organized lifestyle. The first few days can be challenging. But in the long course, this organized lifestyle will become a habit. Give them a time-table that they can follow regularly but allow them occasional breaks to get rid of the monotony.
  • Don't over medicate - ADHD is a developmental disorder and not a disease that can be cured with medications. So, while some medication may be necessary now and then, put more focus on physical exercises or yoga.
  • Seek help - Many parents who have children with disabilities shut themselves out when they have a disabled child. Don't do that. Reach out to other parents and exchange views and build a support network.

"Parents and teachers must identify requirements of the child because each child with ADHD is different in their own ways", advises Shiny Vinson, Principal, Navajeevan School. "Try and keep them engaged all the time and let them mingle with people around them".

And finally remember, you child will learn from you and your attitude towards him and his disorder. So stay positive and focus on his or her strengths rather than compare him or her to other children.

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