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Gardening tips for people who are visually impaired

January 28, 2019

For those of us caught up in the midst of a concrete jungle, gardening offers an easy and quick way to get close to nature. Gardening rejuvenates the spirit and is a great stress buster. The best part of it is that all you need is a small space, some sun and lots of patience. Everyone can have their own little patch.

For Simran Chawla, beauty pageant winner who is also visually impaired, gardening has been a hobby since childhood. She follows some simple tips to keep it hassle free and fun.

I have always loved gardening and spending time with nature. So I have been doing it with the help of my family members. For me, accessibility matters a lot. I keep all the equipments at some place that is easily accessible for me. That way, gardening is easier, fun and hassle free. -Simran Chawla

Are you a visually impaired person who is looking to explore gardening? Like Simran does, there are many tips you can follow to make it a fun experience.

  • Scents matter - For a visually impaired person, the sense of smell is paramount. So opt for plants that come with unique fragrances. It will also be easy for you to identify where they are.
  • Keep things handy - When you garden, keep the tools you need in such a manner that they are easily accessible. Be it is a cutter or equipment to pour water, ensure that they are kept at a place together where it is easy for you to reach.
  • Think simple - Try and make your garden simple as much as possible. For instance, you can have straight walkways instead of a complicated design. It is best if you have railings alongside the walkway. There should not be too many slopes to make sure that chance of you tripping and falling is lesser.
  • Use the right tools - You must be well acquainted with the tools that you plan to use for your garden. There can be devices that are sharp or even dangerous. So before you start gardening, get a hold of all the tools. Picking up the right tools are very important. Make sure that your tools are easy to carry around as well.

The best part about gardening is that you can get creative even within a limited space. So, don't get picky about growing certain plants. Keep the space you have in mind, it could be a balcony or a small passage outside your entrance, all you need is imagination and patience.

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